Control Your Humidity, Control Your Comfort

High humidity is common in Rhode Island during the summer months, making most days feel like a sticky, sweaty, sweltering mess.

Your air conditioner does remove some humidity as it cools your home, but it’s not specifically designed to dehumidify your home.

That’s why you need a home dehumidifier installed by Rhode Island Retrofit that’s dedicated to sucking out the humidity in your home. Don’t think a dehumidifier from the big box stores is doing the trick. It’s not. A real dehumidification system works throughout your whole home and a draining system etc. Say good bye to having to empty the bucket!

​Why do I Need a Home Dehumidifier?

Increases comfort – Eliminates that clammy, sticky, stuffy feeling you get, especially during the summer.
Reduces energy bill – Less moisture in the air makes the air feel cooler, reducing how much you need to use your air conditioner. Never over-cool your home again!
Creates healthier air – Molds and other allergens thrive in relative humidity above 60%, leading to a variety of problems including asthma, allergies and respiratory infections. A dehumidifier balances your air’s humidity at the level that’s right for you and not for nasty allergens.
Protects expensive wooden furnishings – Wood floorings, cabinets and furniture can swell up and warp from excess humidity since wood absorbs and retains moisture. Keep your beautiful home beautiful by using a dehumidifier to maintain the perfect moisture level in your home.

How Does a Whole-Home Dehumidifier Work?

Installed alongside your current cooling system, a RI Retrofit home dehumidifier removes moisture from the air that’s pulled in through your return ducts. Then it sends the dry air throughout your home.

But a RI Retrofit installed dehumidifier even works independently of your air conditioner, reducing humidity on days where you don’t need to cool your home.