Our Energy Specialists will check every part of your house during an energy audit to ensure you’re maximizing your efficiency and safety. Our Specialists will walk you through identified problem areas and help you prioritize a plan.

Exterior Inspection

When RI Retrofit inspects your exterior we are evaluating the current condition and construction of your home and are checking for any safety issues that may exist.

Interior Inspection

Every RI Retrofit Energy Specialist performs a complete interior inspection from the bottom floor to the attic. We will go thru your home with a fine tooth comb and inspect all area of your house, including areas you have never been. These are the places that could be causing asthma, allergies and draft cold and hot rooms. RI Retrofit interior inspections evaluate your lighting and current household appliances as well so we can provide you with all the various ways to improve your home and action plan to do it.

Infrared Thermal Camera

With Infrared thermal-imaging cameras, RI Retrofit’s Energy Specialists can visually display the insulation levels and drafty spots within your home without making any holes or tearing anything up. You will be amazed when you see a real image of where you are missing insulation and what that does for heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer.

Custom Recomendations & Cost Savings Report

After your home energy audit, we gather the results into a thorough report and an explain the energy loss in your home. We will provide you with a customized solution, cost to implement the plan, and the projected return on your investment over time. We can also help you create a priority list to address the biggest problems first. We’ll work with you to achieve an efficient, healthy and comfortable home!

After your energy audit and we have an agreement in place, RI Retrofit starts the work! The RI Retrofit team can install insulation in your home, replace your old windows, seal your cracks, solve that musty smell and give you cool air with a ductless mini split system,

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