RI Retrofit Energy Solutions offers residential and commercial ductless ac services in Rhode Island

Ductless Air Conditioning

Over the last few years, Ductless AC Systems have become a popular alternative to central HVAC systems, delivering the cool home or room you desire while using minimal amounts of electricity. Read more about ductless mini-split cooling systems in our blog and schedule a call with us now!

Ductless Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

In addition to offering new Ductless AC installation, RI Retrofit offers Rhode Island and Rhode Island ductless maintenance and repair services. Give us a call now to get your ductless AC system working like new!

A Path to Lower AC Costs

RI Retrofit is certified by the leading building performance organizations to diagnose and solve energy loss in your home. One of our energy specialists can audit your home for signs of energy loss such as leaky ducts, air leaks in attics and basements and other energy loss areas that may not be easily identified and you didn’t even know was happening.

A home energy retrofit, or home efficiency upgrade, could include adding insulation, a ductless ac or ductless heat pump, sealing leaky ducts or air leaks in problematic areas. This is guaranteed to save you significant amounts of money on your heating and cooling bills every year.

To learn more about RI Retrofit’s services, or to talk with a home energy specialist about how we can help you live more efficiently and comfortability, call us today.

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Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Mini-split air conditioning gives you a huge bang for your buck because, in most cases, they double as a heat provider. They provide close to the same amount of cooling and heating power as central air or HVAC but with much more efficiency.

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