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No Ducts? No Problem!

Before the summer’s hot weather makes your home sticky and miserable, take time now to prepare for – and prevent – the annual discomfort! Sure, window-mounted air conditioners can do the trick – sort of – but they are often inefficient. They are prohibited in some areas due to both the noise – they are [...]

Boost Your Rhode Island Building’s Energy Efficiency

Ways to Boost Your Building's Energy Efficiency Making your home energy-efficient isn't only beneficial to the environment- it's also beneficial to your wallet! Going green can save you money in a variety of ways, and you have plenty of options to make the change. Here are just some of the ways to do your part. 1. Switch [...]


Spray foam insulation can keep your house warm and cozy, and lower your electric bills. But in most cases it’s not a do-it-yourself job. It takes a qualified contractor to properly prepare and apply the foam insulation, both for safety and to ensure the best results. Here’s some guidance from the Spray Foam Coalition on what [...]

We Answer Your Insulation FAQ

Find immediate answers to your questions with these home and building insulation FAQs. Q: What type of insulation do I need? A: The type of insulation you need depends on where it will be installed, what R-values are required, and your budget.The U.S. Department of Energy recommends different R-values for different zones. In Florida, a [...]

Air Sealing

While it’s well-known that homes require insulation to mitigate heat loss through walls, ceilings and floors, the concept of air sealing is often less understood. superiorinsulationservices.com Air leaks occur when outside air enters and conditioned air leaves your house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. In addition to wasting energy, air leaks may [...]

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is renowned for being a superior material for both residential and commercial projects. Its unique application allows it to improve energy-efficiency while also enclosing conditioned air inside the structure, thus, reducing the amount of money spent on wasted energy. It’s also virtually impervious to moisture, preventing the loss of R-value, as well [...]

Get That Crawl Space Insulated

Homes in New England are built on many different kinds of foundations, including slabs, crawl spaces, unfinished basements, and finished basements. Many people know why it’s necessary to insulate your attic and basement, it’s important to understand the benefits from insulation beneath you in your crawl space. What’s A Crawl Space? A crawl space is a space beneath your house that’s big enough [...]

Get Your Home Ready for Spring: Make Your Home Energy Efficient

"Spring has sprung"...as they say. For many, this means great weather and finally being able to be outdoors more. For others, spring is the time of year for cleaning and home improvements, especially because the heat of summer is right around the corner. The more you get done when temperatures are mild, the less you'll have [...]

The Three Most Important Things To Make Your Home More Comfortable

One of the most expensive aspects of being a homeowner is spending money heating and cooling your home. It can sometimes be a grind and trying to find that perfect comfort level in your home. As we all know New England winters and summers can be very unpredictable. As homeowners we look for every advantage [...]

Home Insulation FAQ’s

Q: What type of insulation do I need? A: The type of insulation you need actually depends on where it needs to be installed, what R-values are required, and your budget. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends different R-values for different zones. Q: What is loose-fill fiberglass? A: Loose-fill fiberglass insulation is usually blown into unfinished [...]

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